Our Story

Since 2002, the society ADINOV provides effective support to companies to innovate better and faster. As a partner in innovation, ADINOV is specialized in contract research in the wide scope of chemistry:

  • Formulation
  • Synthesis of organic molecules
  • Polymers
  • purpose and uses of wastes
  • development of analytic or test methods

« we support our customers from the initial concept to the industrial realization... »

Our activities

ADINOV has its own research laboratory with synthesis facilities and advanced analytical equipments : chromatographs and spectrometers.
Our team offers standardized or customized analyses and specific searches for scientific or technical documentation, also called technological watch
All sorts of companies had already worked with ADINOV.
ADINOV received and update tax accreditation since 2005 from French Departments of Education and Research.
Agreement d'adinov pour le crédit d'impôt recherche
European union support adinov
Credit impot innovation adinov