• liquid-chromatography-picture

    Liquid chromatography

    Adinov use the photodiode array detector to create a 3D view of HPLC Spectrum, and we use Evaporative light scattering detector for a GPC spectrum of polystyrene standards.
  • site-testing-picture

    Site Testing

    Adinov can analysis your products, your builds in your site.
  • gas chromatography

    Gas chromatography

    Adinov can performs analysis with a Gas Chromatography, for example with a thermal desorption of cartridges or desorption after DNPH derivatization in HPLC.
  • gas chromatography

    Innovative Polyester

    Adinov has developed a whole series of polyester materials with memory and flexibility properties.
  • gas chromatography

    Plant Extraction

    An experimental process for tincture has been developed, enabling to extract additional active substance compared to traditional tincture.