Innovative Polyester

Innovative polyester for high temperature

ADINOV has developed a whole series of polyester materials :

Thermoset Unsaturated Polyester (UP)

  • Styrene-free
  • Solvent-free (zero-VOC)

Available in several versions* :

  • Synthetic enamel : High hardness and infusible (initial R&D 2006-2009)
  • Infusible elastomer (since late 2012)
  • *Other version in progress : UV-curable
Application method : powder spraying, melt molding…
Some physical properties of the elastomer material below (New POLYESTER) :

Comparison examples polyester
Comparison New Polyester
Stress test innovative polyester
Stress test innovative polyester

Behaviour of the polyester

The behaviour of this kind of polyester can be compared to an elastomeric polyurethane.

Flexible at ordinary temperature…

Flexible test polyester adinov

…and shape memory property

Heat-cured as a sheet, the material can be curved but returns to its original shape in a few minutes after interruption of the force application :

Example polyesters stress test adinov
Polyester memory property test adinov